About The Artist


Marcin Glod (b.1994,Krakow) known as GLOD spent his early years in Poland and later moved to Vienna, Austria where he produces a majority of his artworks. Glod initially pursued a successful career in graphic design and creative direction before he made his artworks public.

Glods artworks are a conjunction of different styles and methods; the combination of street Art, Graffiti and painting enables the artist to showcase a wide range of creativity. 

Pop cultural references are a big part of his style and can be spotted in almost all of his artworks. The frequent utilization of iconic figures and symbols such as the pink panther or the dollar sign visualizes the artists dealing with current events and social developments. 

With the usage of historical components in his art, Glod often turns the art of oil painting itself into a reference. In doing so, he builds bridges between contemporary art and the classical approach to art.

The use of different media from canvases to disposable items such as carton or other previously used items sheds a light on the importance of sustainability in the art world. 

Glods artwork has been presented in several galleries and art fairs nationally and internationally. Along with his artistic achievements, he co-founded nomz gallery in the city centre of Vienna in 2023, where he opened with his first solo exhibition of the year.  


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